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Agency location Contact Person Phone E-Mail Link to Article
      40 Kirkham St.   481-3232    
Blackstone Library        
     758 Main St.    488-1441    
Blackstone Library book sorting        
      Harrison St.   488-1860    
Boy Scouts of Connecticut       Article Here
Branford Clothing Bank       Article Here
      30 Harrison St.        
Branford Community Gardens       Article Here
     P.O. Box 966  Connie Drysdale 481-3292  
Branford Compassion Club        
      P.O.Box 768   488-2947    
Branford Counseling Center        
      342 Harbor St.   481-4248    
Branford Festival Committee        
  Sharon Tartaris 481-0131    
     Classic Car Rally         
  Gary Dinello  
     Road Race 
  Ray Figlewski  
Branford Food Council       Article Here
      30 Harrison St.   481-3663    
Branford Historical Society        
     124 Main St.  Anton Wohlert 481-4665    
Branford Land Trust                   
     P.O. Box 254  Vincent DeLuca, Jr 488-5405    
Branford Medical Transport Article Here
      11 Cherry Hill Bill Pinette 315-0681    
Branford Parks & Recreation      
     46 Church St.  Vic Amatori 488-8304    
Branford Public Schools        
     185 East main St.  Donna Richitelli 488-7291    
Branford River Project        
  Maria Storm 481-5765    
Branford Rotary       Article Here
      P.O.  Box 593        
Canoe Brook Senior Center       Article Here
      11 Cherry Hill Dagmar Ridgway 481-3429    
Community Dining Room       Article Here
      30 Harrison St. Pat Kral 488-9750    
Daniel Cosgrove Animal Shelter        
      749 East Main St.   315-4125    
E.S.D.H.D.Medical Transportation       Article Here
      14 Business Park Dr. Denise Smith 481-4235    
** Training requirements:        
     **E.S.D.H.D.       Article Here
      14 Business Park Dr. Jim Monopoli 481-4233    
     **Hospice       Article Here
      100 Double Beach Rd. Patricia Corradino 315-7510    
Friends of Outer Island       Article Here
  Lynn Dorsey 488-5657    
Girl Scouts of Connecticut       Article Here
Harbor Health       Article Here
      15 Sycamore St. Emily Gangi 483-2667 x240    
Homemaker Thrift Shop        
      76 Maple St. Barbara Brill 481-5161     
Literacy Volunteers        
  Otty Norwood 481-0292    
Neighbors Helping Neighbors   Click here for flyer and form Article Here
  Warren Gould  
Orchard House Adult Day Care       Article Here
      421 Shore Drive Tom Romano 481-7110    
Read to Grow
      53 Schoolground Rd.   488-6800    
Sarah’s Thrift Shop        
     155 Meadow St.   Joe  Vidal 481-4052    
Willoughby Wallace Library        
      146 Thimble Islands Rd.   488-8702    


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