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To view the videos on this page select the video you wish to view, choose save and save it on your computer, unzip it and view as usual, after downloading and unzipping you may view as many times as you wish.

We will continue to put the latest compressed meeting videos on this page for download, if you wish to view the latest meetings click here to view.

Board of Selectmen

Board of Finance


Board of Selectmen 1/15/14 Board of Finance 01/27/14
Board of Selectmen 02/19/14 Board of Finance 02/24/14
Board of Selectmen 03/05/14 Board of Finance Budget Hearing 03/17/14
Board of Selectmen 04/02/14 Board of Finance Budget Hearing 03/18/14
Board of Selectmen  04/16/14 Board of Finance Budget Hearing 03/20/14
Board of Selectmen 05/07/14 Board of Finance Special Budget 03/24/14
Board of Selectmen 05/21/14 Board of Finance 04/28/14
Board of Selectmen 06/04/14 Board of Finance 06/30/14
Board of Selectmen 07/16/14  


Fire Commission 01/24/13 RTM 12/11/13
Fire Commission 02/28/13 RTM 01/08/14
Fire Commission 04/25/13 RTM 02/12/14
Fire Commission 06/27/13 RTM 03/12/14
Fire Commission 09/26/13 RTM 04/09/14
Fire Commission 10/24/13 RTM 05/13/14
Fire Commission 01/23/14 RTM 06/11/14
Fire Commission 04/24/14 RTM Special Meeting 07/09/2014
Fire Commission 06/27/14  
Police Firearms Public Information Meetings
Police Commission 01/13/14 RTM Firearms information meeting 03/14/13
Police Commission 02/10/14 RTM Firearms information meeting 03/16/13
Police Commission 03/10/14  
Police Commission 04/10/14 Hazard Mitigation
Police Commission 05/12/14 SCRCOG 05/20/13
Police Commission 06/09/14    

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