Welcome to the Town of Branfordís online permit status system. The Building Department is proud to announce the ability to now view all types of issued Building Permits. This system also provides the ability to track applications leading to a building permit that are currently going through the review process.


Features include; the ability to review and track all permits that are requested by an individual (only the applicant can review their application), all permit numbers, dates, reviews/comments, inspection result/comments, attachments and current status of permits are listed for view. Copies of issued permits are also available for printing from any remote location at the userís convenience.


First time users wishing to access the system must first register at the Community Development (ComDev) counter located on the second floor of Town Hall at 1019 Main Street, Branford, CT. You will be required to present a valid and active e-mail address when requesting the ability to register for access to the system. Your email address is necessary to insure your privacy as this along with a password (of your choosing) will be required to sign on to the system.





The information on this web site is not intended for any official or legal use. Official records and documents of the Town of Branford Building Department will supersede any incorrect information listed or posted within this site. The Town of Branford, CT assumes no responsibility for the validity of any information presented herein, nor responsibility for the use or misuse of this data. Pursuant to Connecticut General Statues Section 29-263, all Building Permit applications received will be reviewed and permits shall be issued or refused in whole or part within thirty days after the date of the application. 


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